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Asbestos is a big issue in the world today, and as tends to happen; humans have exploited the benefits of this material and we are now tragically paying the price.  Asbestos related diseases are one of the main causes of occupational ill health in the workplace today.

Asbestos is a wonderful versatile material however the properties that make it so useful are the reasons for it's danger.  The natural fibres milled from rocks are thin and virtually indestructable, and unlike man-made glass fibre, asbestos splits into finer and finer fibres which become a risk to health when they are inhaled.  The key is to prevent damaging asbestos containing materials to prevent fibre release; maintaining them in a good condition.  The law is not to remove asbestos, but to prevent exposure and spread of contamination caused by an uncontrolled release of fibres.

The industry is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and regulations are described in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. 

Current regulations apply to non-domestic premises however domestic property owners do have a duty to comply with statutory requirements under environmental laws.

Most importantly don't create unnecessary risks to yourself and those around you.  If in doubt, stop and ask!


About this Site

This site provides some interesting facts about asbestos collected from various sources.  Although originally set-up in 2011 to provide advice and sources of information, 3 years on it has now been developed into a more simple fact website.  If you require specialist advice regarding asbestos contact the Health and Safety Executive (UK)  On the website they have all the information you need to know.  Do your own research and don't just take someone's word for it i.e. "that needs removing at £££"; with the best of intentions it is still a private sector industry where money has to be made; I work in it.  Satisfy yourself via the sources of information at your disposal that you can work and live around the asbestos in your life safely.  It is all around us after all.


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